High Quality Cashew Sieving Machine on Sale


Characteristics (1) High screening efficiency Because the equipment is equipped with a plate-type screening mechanism. In the screening process, no matter how sticky, wet and miscellaneous the raw materials it....

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Introduction of Cashew Nut Dryer for Whole Sale


  Cashew is native to Brazil and has since spread to India, Africa and south-east Asia in Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, and is also grown in Hainan and Yunnan....

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Cashew nut industry in Guinea


  Guinea's ambitious goal: to bring locally produced cashews to the international market. Guinea aims to grow 1 million hectares of cashew trees from now until 2020.Cashew trees were introduced....

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Efficient Cashew Peeling Machine 200 kg/h Capacity


  Working principle of cashew peeling machine Pour soaked peanuts into the inlet hopper, through vibration raw materials are conveyed into chamber equipped with induction line and feeding roller, by....

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Large Capacity 400 kg/h Cashew Nut Grading Machine on Sale


  Scope of application Dry fruit is the dehydrated ripped nuts, our country has a variety of dry fruits, include walnut, melon seed, pine kernel, lotus seed, almond, raisin, hazelnut,....

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Operation Instructions of Cashew Drying Machine for Wholesale


  Application scope: Cashew nut drying machine  can applies to various agricultural and sideline products, such as dehydrated vegetables, edible fungi, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., with shapes including flake, strip,....

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The Most Effective Cashew Nut Peeling Method


  Cashew producers Cashew nut native to tropical America, and now Vietnam, Nigeria, India and Brazil are its major producers. After frying, it can be eaten directly or used in....

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Cashew Production Line Supplier in Africa.


  Due to the characteristics of cashew nuts, the most primitive manual processing mode to shell cashew nuts is as follows: Dry: dry raw cashew nuts for 2 to 3....

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Cashew shelling machine

Automatic cashew breaking machine in India


Cashew nut’s outer layer is the shell, and the inner layer is the nuts, with outside a membrane called the skin. Fresh cashew nut shell closely combined with nuts is....

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