1. Working principle

The cashew peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle and processes the cashew nuts into peeled cashew nuts without causing any damage. The equipment can be used to strip the membrane from cashew kernels without water soaking. The peeling rate is above 95% with the kernels and skins can be separated automatically

  1. Description of characteristics
  2. With it adopting the specially designed peeling principle in the peeling process, the cashew nuts are completely free from blade cutting and hardness friction, thus ensuring the integrity of the processed material and avoiding pollution infection.
  3. It has the characteristics of immediate automatic feeding, peeling and discharging, consistent automation, practical use, power-saving, small volume, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low fault rate.
  4. It is equipped with automatic feeding device, and the kernels and skins can be separated automatically. The peeling machine conforms to the international hygiene standards. Shuliy’s cashew peeling machine is the advanced peeling machine adopting pneumatic principle and automatic digital control. After frying or drying, the peanut and cashew nuts are processed into finish products without any damage with the peeling rate can reach above 98%.


Advantages of cashew nut peeling machine


Model  TZ-TP 200

Dimension 650*650*1300 mm

Voltage     220 v 50 hz

Power 0.2 kw

Sheller rate     80-90%

Weight 60 kg

Air flow     1.5 m³/min

Capacity    200 kg/h