Cashew producers

Cashew nut native to tropical America, and now Vietnam, Nigeria, India and Brazil are its major producers. After frying, it can be eaten directly or used in chocolate, dim sum as their ingredients.


Advantages of cashew nut peeling machine

Efficient cashew nut peeler

According to the principle of high-pressure air jet, the film of cashew membrane is blown off by the wind force generated by high pressure motor. There are air intakes at the bottom of the peeling chamber. The strong airstream generated by the air compressor is injected into the peeling chamber through the air intakes to form a high-pressure spiral airflow. By using the principle of high-pressure draft jet flow, the thin film of cashew is blown off by the impact of the spiral airflow. The peeled cashew is characterized by smooth surface, extremely low damage rate, convenient clean, durable in use and a more affordable price.

In addition, users can select special cashew sieving machine to further screening after peeling.


Advantage of cashew peeled by Shuliy’s cashew peeling machine

  1. The dry-style cashew nut peeling machine manufactured by our company adopts the specially designed peeling principle. In the peeling process, there is no blade equipped bring harsh friction effect, ensuring no damage, smooth surface and no pollution of the finished product.
  2. The equipment is practical, power saving, of high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate.
  3. Equipped with automatic feeding device, cashew nut and skin can be separated automatically with its quality conforms to the international hygienic standard.