Drying machine


Scope of application

Dry fruit is the dehydrated ripped nuts, our country has a variety of dry fruits, include walnut, melon seed, pine kernel, lotus seed, almond, raisin, hazelnut, ginkgo, jujube, chestnut, peanut, for which contain a lot of protein and vitamin, it is the food that favored by customers. At present, large size cashew roller grading machine with good effect our company produced, can be customized according to customers’ requirements.


The roller grading sieving machine is composed of motor, reducer, roller device, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet hopper, etc. The roller device is mounted on the rack obliquely. Through reducer the motor is connected to the roller device by the coupling so as to drive roller device rotating around its axis.


Cashew nut classifier


Working principle

In food production, dried fruits grading and sieving by size are need to be done cost a large number of manual work, and hard to complete. Therefore, the cashew nut grading roller machine has come into being. The grading roller machine is generally used in sieving large dry fruits (such as walnuts, chestnuts, etc.). Through the interaction between the rotation of the drum and the gravity action of the dry fruit itself, the grading effect is achieved when cashew nuts of different grades are sent to the corresponding mesh hole then to the pre-set level. Smaller dried fruits (such as goji berries, peanuts, etc.) shall be screened by linear vibrating screen. While impurity removing are fulfilled through linear vibrating sieving screen. The kernels will leak out after breaking, and the kernels break by machine usually contain dry skin debris, which can be screened out by a vibrating screen to ensure that the kernels are pure and free of impurities.