This cashew cooking machine is an important step before cracking the nuts. The cooking process could soften the shell and improve the cracking speed. Mostly, this cooker is matched with a steam boiler for it needs a large amount of steam to cook cashew.  And customers could customize the cooker according to their demand for steaming pans. As for the operation process, there are some precautions.

Introduction of  Cashew Cooking Machine

The cashew nut cooker developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Shuli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized equipment for cooking cashew nuts and the like. It can be used stand-alone or in combination with various production lines. The principle is to carry out the grading and then cook with a cashew cooker to create a space between the shell and the nuts, which is convenient for the next step of shelling.

How to use the cooker

  1. Check the voltage and make sure that the voltage is the same.
  2. It must install a leakage protection switch and the cashew cooking machine must be linked to the right protection grounding line. It is strictly prohibited to connect it with a water pipe or a gas pipeline.
  3. After you link the water inlet well, put the dish into the machine and heat for 30 minutes.
  4. It could use electric heating or external steam. But you can not use the two both at the same time.
  5. After the food is cooked, shut off the power supply or steam valve. When you remove the food from the machine, please pay attention that you can not stand on the opposite. Slowly open the door and get out of the machine with the gloves.
  6. This cashew cooking machine is a high-pressure airtight container, a little steam from the crack of the spill is a normal phenomenon.

Precautions of  Cashew Cooking Machine

  1. Electric heating and external input steam cannot work at the same time! The external pressure must not exceed the requirements for use.
  2. 5% citric acid solution can be injected into the water tank to remove the scale.
  3. After each work, the power supply of the steam cabinet must be cut off. The main steam inlet valve should be closed when the work is completed with steam heating.
  4. If the machine breaks down, do not disassemble it by yourself. Ask professional electrical maintenance personnel to repair it.

Technical Parameter

TZJ-101000 kg/h1.1 kw380v/50HZ2*1*2.8 m

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