Benefits of cashew nuts

Guinea’s ambitious goal: to bring locally produced cashews to the international market.

Guinea aims to grow 1 million hectares of cashew trees from now until 2020.Cashew trees were introduced to guinea in the late 1940s, but cashew production did sale on the market until 1990.For a long time, cashew industry was growing slowly in Guinea without prominent achievement. In 2013, the institute of agronomy of guinea released a study showing that cashew production in Guinea reached 10,000 tons per year. Now the government’s magnificent goal is to quadruple production of cashew nuts for reaching 60, 000 tonnes per year, over the next few years. Cashew nuts, which currently prices is $1,500 a tonne, will provide a considerable income for Guinea.

Expensive cashew nut

It will take a long time for guinea to challenge Cote d’Ivoire in cashew production. Ivory Coast, Africa’s biggest cashew producer, planted 750,000 hectares in 2009 and 700,000 tonnes of yield in 2015.Cote d’Ivoire is Africa’s first largest cashew producing country, with Guinea following as the second, according to researches of the china-Africa trade research center.

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