The cashew peeling machine is composed of a hopper, an air compressor, and an outlet. The peeled cashew nuts by the equipment can be packaged into bags for sale. The machine has a simple operation and high efficiency. It is widely used in factories.

Cashew Peeling Machine Introduction

The cashew batch peeler machine could peel large amounts of nuts at a quick speed. Therefore, cashew peeling machines are suitable for large factories to produce cashew in bags. The cashew nuts processed by the machine can pack easily later and then put into the market for sale. Recently, in Vietnam, the cashew nut peeling machine has been used for production. Or the machine can also peel the garlic and you may hear the garlic peeling machine. Actually, they have basically the same operating principle.

The Working Principle of Cashew Skin Peeler Machine

It adopts the method of pneumatic peeling, which is suitable for peeling nuts such as cashew nuts and peanuts. Firstly, put the raw materials into the hopper, and the raw materials are mixed with air under the action of the air compressor and peeled. After that, the skins are put into one outlet while the peeled nuts are pushed to the other outlet.

How To Use The Cashew Peeling Machine?

  1. Pour cashew nuts into the hopper. We don’t need to soak the nuts before, which is convenient and easy to operate for most people.
  2. Turn on the equipment power and wait for a moment.
  3. Put a bag on the outlet and collect the peeled cashew nuts.

Machine Parameter

Model TZ-TP 200
Dimension 650*650*1300 mm
Voltage 220 v 50 hz
Power 0.2 kw
Shelling rate 80-90%
Weight 60 kg
Airflow 1.5 m³/min
Capacity 200 kg/h

Advantages Of Cashew Continuous Peeler

  1. The food surface will not damage and the strong freshness of cashew will remain. The machine causes no pollution to the environment.
  2. The peeling achieves at one step, with high production efficiency and fewer failure risks. This could reduce the complex procedures of cashew nuts from farm to work.
  3. The whole automatic process, including temperature control and automatic separation of cashew nuts and skin, reduces obstacles to operation.

Precautions For Using The Cashew Peeling Machine

  • When cleaning the machine, the first step is to cut off the power.
  • While cleaning the machine body, you can use a dry rag to wipe the machine instead of water.
  • The voltage used by the machine should be the same as the voltage displayed on the nameplate or within 10% of the difference.

Maintain Of Mechanized Cashew Peeler

The best way to ensure the cashew peeling machine has a long time of use and high efficiency is periodical cleaning and maintenance. So here are the suggestions about how to maintain the equipment.
  • Clean and maintain the machine regularly. Apply lubricating oil to the accessories as required to improve the stability and life of the machine.
  • Some parts should be replaced regularly, like the hopper, to prevent the machine from being unable to run due to damage.
  • When the machine malfunctions, you should find a professional maintenance expert to repair it to prevent worse damage.