Small and Large Automatic Cashew Nut Production Line (300kg, 1000kg)

The cashew nut production line is designed for plants to produce cashew on a small or large scale. It includes grading, shelling, separating, peeling, and other machines. There are 300kg small and 1000kg large cashew nut processing plants. Customers could choose the machine that they want, or customize a production line according to their output. The cashew nut shelling production line is highly efficient and it has a high open rate. All the machines could be used as a single one or matched with hoists to form a full production line.

cashew nut processing line
cashew nut processing line

Small 300kg cashew nut production line

A small cashew nut plant includes grading, cooking, shelling, separating, peeling. It matches 6 semi-automatic cashew nut shelling machines. Customers could require the length of the conveyor or use these machines separately. This 300kg cashew production line is suitable for a small factory.

small cashew nut production line
small cashew nut production line

Cashew Nut Cleaning Machine

The cashew washing machine is used to wash raw cashew nuts and ensure the next processing is safe. This machine consists of a cast hopper, brush roll, transmission, vibrating screen, drainage, water piping, etc. It cleans nuts with brushes and water, which could remove any dirty substance on the surface of nuts. And it is convenient to discharge sewage, has a high output and no environmental pollution.

Main technical parameter:

Capacity: 600kg/h

Power: 3kw

Size: 2.6*1.2*1.5m

Weight: 600kg

Raw Cashew Nut Grading Machine

The cashew nut grader is used for sorting the nuts into several different grades in order to improve the next opening shell rate. It usually includes 3 to 5 grades. The machine is composed of transmission, hierarchy, chassis, and other components. It could lessen the workloads of the following processing. Of course, customers can choose to use this grader separately or in a production line.

Cashew Nut Cooker

This cashew cooking machine is an important step before cracking the nuts. The cooking process could soften the shell and improve the cracking speed. Mostly, this cooker is matched with a steam boiler for it needs a large amount of steam to cook cashew. And customers could customize the cooker according to their demand for steaming pans.

Cashew Nut Shelling and Cracking Machine

There are three types of cashew shellers: Automatic sheller, semi-automatic cracker, and manual sheller. They can produce cashew nuts of different scales and apply them to different regions.

An automatic cashew nut shelling machine is designed to break the shells of cashew nuts. It is fully automatic and easy to operate. Factories could shell 6, 8, 10, 12, and more cashew nuts at one time and it causes the least damages to cashew kernels. The automatic sheller is appropriate to use in a large-scale production line.




Shell rate

whole kernel rate

Motor power
















A semi-automatic cashew cracking machine could shell 6 cashew nuts at one time. Workers need to put cashew nuts into the holes and step pedals to crack shells. The machine should be careful to operate for it requires more human participation. It is more suitable to match with a semi-automatic production line.

And for manual cashew sheller, workers put one cashew nut into the hole, step pedal to shell nuts. This is suitable for some areas with lower labor costs for they could hire more workers to produce nuts.

Cashew Shell Kernel Separator

The cashew shell separating machine is used for separating nuts and shells of cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, etc. The cashew nuts separated by the equipment will enter into the next step of the cashew nut processing line. According to different uses, the cashew vibrate separator could be customized into a specific length. The machine has a simple operation and it is widely used in nut factories.

Cashew Drying Machine (Optional)

This dryer is used to dry cashew kernels so it is easier to blow off the skins in the following peeling machine. This drying machine is a tray dryer. The size could be made to match with the customer’s output. It could use electricity and gas as heating sources. And the machine could also dry other nuts and food. Customers could also dry cashew kernels naturally.

Cashew Peeling Machine

The cashew batch peeler machine is to remove the skin of shelled cashew nuts and it could peel large amounts of nuts at a quick speed. Therefore, cashew peeling machines are suitable for large factories to produce cashew in bags. Or the machine can also peel the garlic and you may hear the garlic peeling machine. Actually, they have basically the same operating principle.

Cashew Kernel Classifying Machine

The cashew kernel size sorter is specially designed for grading peeled cashew kernels. And the machine usually includes 3 grades, which could be tailor-made according to the requirements of customers. The grader includes a hopper, three layers of rollers, and outlets. With high output and less damage to the shape, this size sorter could be a perfect choice for plants in the processing line.

Roasting Cashew Machine

This machine is mainly used to roast and dry cashew nut, chestnut, walnut, peanut, almond, swallowing bean, coffee beans, melon seeds, and other granular material. Using rotating drum, heat conduction, thermal radiation principle, according to customer’s requirements designed to use coal gas, diesel, electricity as fuel.

cashew processing plant
3D: cashew processing plant

1000kg large cashew nut processing plant

This cashew nut processing includes cleaning, grading, cooking, shelling, separating, drying, peeling, roasting, and hoists. It can produce 1000kg of cashew nuts or more. It matches with more than 10 automatic cashew nut sheller machines but that is depended on customers’ requirements. Because we have a lot of types of automatic cashew shelling machines and they have 6 to 12 holes. We could also match 1200kg, 1500kg, or other output cashew production lines. This large processing plant is designed for a large factory and it is highly efficient.

cashew production line
fully automatic cashew processing plant

Cashew nut peeling processing plant

This cashew peeling production line is used to peel dry cashew kernels. It includes a hoist, a peeler, a grader, and an air pressure machine. The machines can be used alone or matched into a production line. The output is 100-200kg per hour.

cashew peeling production line
cashew peeling production line

Highlights of Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Line

  • Durable quality

The automatic cashew nut processing machines are made from stainless steel, which enables a long service life.

  • High efficiency

The production line could process large cashew nuts in a short time and the final perfect cashew kernels can reach 98%.

  • Multiple choice

The processing line could be made according to customers’ demand for output.

  • Others

Advanced design ensures a low broken rate and low energy consumption.

Watch Video of Fully Automatic Cashew Processing Plant

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