Poisonous cashew nut shell and skin


(1) High screening efficiency

Because the equipment is equipped with a plate-type screening mechanism. In the screening process, no matter how sticky, wet and miscellaneous the raw materials it process, the screen is not easy to be blocked under the function of the powerful relative motion between the screen and the enclosure, thus improving the screening efficiency of the equipment.

(2) Good working environment

The whole screening unit is designed mounting on the sealed dust cover, thus completely avoiding the dust flying phenomenon in the sieving process and thus improves the working environment and working efficiency.


Cashew vibrate separator sifter for wholesale


(3) Low noise during operation

Noise generated by materials rotating on sieving screen is completely isolated by the sealed dust cover, so that noise cannot be transmitted to the outside of the equipment, thus reducing the processing noise.

(4) Long service life of the screen mesh

The equipment is composed of a number of circular flat steel, with specification of 16mm x 12mm, whose cross-sectional area is much larger than that of the screen mesh of other separating equipment, therefore its service life is improved.

(5) Easy to debug

The inspecting window are equipped on equipment at both sides of the dust cover, the staff can observe the equipment operation at any time during work. The quick opening doors are mounted for debugging is provided at the end of the seal cover and at each sides of the sieving section, which facilitates regular maintenance of the equipment without affecting the normal operation of the equipment.