Industrial Food Dryer on Sale


    Dried food To prolong the shelf life of food with its quality and taste remained, dried food is the traditional method widely adopted. The dried food, compared with....

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High Quality Cashew Nut Dryer on Sale


    Current status of cashew Although the output has increased in main production area in India, the price is still high with the unit price exceeding all-time high of....

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Automatic cashew nut sheller machine

Reliable Automatic Cashew Nut Cutting Machine Supplier


Shuliy machinery co., LTD., located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, is a leading professional cashew machinery manufacturer integrating R&D and manufacturing, direct selling with after-sales service. The company has long been....

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Cashew Sterilization Method


Cashew native to Brazil now has made its way to India, Africa and south east Asia including Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, and is also grown in Henan and Yunnan....

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Spiced cashew nut recipe


      Preparing Buy 2 pounds of raw cashew nut dehydrated, choose the big kernels with light yellowish color. Then prepare one teaspoon of dry red chili powder, sugar,....

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Cashew Shelling Machine Price


Why people don’t eat cashew nut in-shell? Cashew plant contains powerful chemical irritants known as anacardic acids, so handling and eating raw cashews will cause the familiar itchy skin reaction....

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Industrial Cashew Classifier in Production Line


  Cashew in catering market The current state of cashew nut as snack food in catering market is positive with it has widely favored by people all around the world.....

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Cashew peeling machine for sale

Affordable Cashew Nut Peeler for Sale


A brief introduction to cashew nut As is known to us, the cashew nut is rich in nutrition for instance: polyunsaturated fat, which can reduce blood pressure, and cholesterol levels....

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Efficient Method to Separate Cashew Shell and Kernels


Traditional cashew processing method Cashew nut, also be known as the “wonder nuts”, has received popularity from people leading a healthy life all around the world, India as the biggest....

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