The cashew nut grading machine is divided into raw cashew nut grading machine and cashew kernel grading machine. These two machines can quickly help customers sift out different sizes of raw cashew nuts and cashew kernels.

cashew nut grading machine

Introduction of row cashew nut grading machine

This raw cashew grading machine is a previous processing step of the whole cashew nut processing line. Made of sturdy and durable materials, the cashew grader is the best choice for cashew processing plants. It could lessen the workloads of the following processing. And the easy operation enables any plant to use this machine. Of course, you can choose to use this grader separately or in a production line.

Raw cashew
Raw Cashew
Cashew kernel
Cashew Kernel

The character of raw cashew grading machine

The cashew grader is used for sorting the nuts into several different grades to improve the next opening shell rate. It usually includes 3 to 5 grades: <18 mm, 18-20 mm, 20-22mm, 22-24 mm, 24-26 mm, and>26mm. And this could be made according to the customer’s requirements.

This cashew grader is composed of transmission, hierarchy, chassis, and other components. It doesn’t have a complex structure and it is automatic.

Operation methods of raw cashew grading machine

  1. Check the circuit before starting.
  2. Connect the power supply according to the arrow direction, and remember operation is irreversible.
  3. Continuously pour raw fruits into the hopper, adjust the size of the feeding door, and enter the uniform grading barrel of cashew nuts.
  4. The classification bucket has three different sizes of holes, corresponding to the following receiving hopper.
  5. The cashew grading barrel rotates under the rotation and also leaves a small number of nuts to reclassify.
  6. The large nuts rotate from the drum to the next level over and over, to achieve the effect of the classification.
  7. Though the drum rotating, nuts get through a single plugging hole to the deburring roller rotate synchronously, and are sent into the air.

Technical parameter of cashew nut sorting machine

ModelTZ-YG 400
Capacity400 kg/h
Power1.1 kw
Voltage380v 50hz
Weight350 kg
cashew nut sorting machine

We grade cashews before further processing not only for convenience but also for their market value, or simply, price. Mostly, sellers will package cashew nuts according to their size and sell them at different prices. Plants choose to grade cashews at the first step or last. Anyway, the grading is to realize the most value of nuts. Therefore, a raw cashew grading machine is necessary.

Complete Cashew Processing Steps

Complete cashew processing steps include washing, grading raw cashews, steaming, shelling, shell-kernel separation, drying, peeling, grading raw cashews, roasting, and packaging.

Cashew processing line
cashew processing line

What is a cashew kernel grading machine?

Unlike the raw cashew nut grading machine, the cashew kernel grader machine is the last process of the cashew nut processing line. The cashew nuts processed by this cashew kernel grader machine will be sieved according to different sizes. The merchant can pack and sell the cashew nuts according to different indexes.

Cashew kernel classifying machine
cashew kernel classifying machine

How is cashew kernel graded?

There are three layers of drums on the cashew kernel grader machine. Each layer of drums can sieve one size of cashew kernels. Therefore, the cashew nut size sorting machine can sieve cashew kernels according to 3 different grades. Customers can also adjust the gap between the rollers to achieve the size they want according to their actual needs.

Cashew kernel grading machine
cashew kernel grading machine

Technical parameters of cashew kernel grading machine

cashew kernel grading machine

These are the technical parameters of the cashew kernel grading machine with model TZ-K500. The capacity of this machine is 500kg/h. The size is 2×0.8×1.4m. The power is 0.75kw. If you want to know more information about it, please contact us via the pop-up window in the lower right corner!

Cashew kernel
cashew kernel


If you need a raw cashew grader or cashew kernel grading machine, please feel free to contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible and will give you a detailed quotation.