Cashew Nut Frying | Blanching Machine

This cashew nut frying | blanching machine is designed to blanch or fry cashew nuts before putting them into the cracking step or before eating. And it is not only useful in cashew but also in other nuts, like peanuts, almonds. This machine is easy to operate and can be used as a single one or in a line. And it could be customized according to the customer’s demand output.

A Brief Introduction to Cashew Nut Frying | Blanching Machine

This cashew nut fryer blancher machine is essential equipment in the flavored cashew nut production line. Due to its toxic feature, the raw cashew shall be pre-processed through the blanching. So the cashew fryer, invented and developed by Shuliy, is an all-in-one product. The machine can reach the blanching of cashew according to production requirements. Meanwhile, it can achieve the role of a fryer. After shelling and peeling, the blanching of cashew nuts can sterilize harmful bacteria on the surface of the raw cashew to prevent raw materials from infection and pollution, thus ensuring the quality of the final product.

Application of Cashew Nut Frying | Blanching Machine

The small-sized frying machine can use as a stand-alone machine. Due to its versatility and ease of transporting, the frying machine is suitable for small- or medium-sized snack food factories or individual businesses. They include fast-food restaurants, canteens, and the dining hall of government institutions, schools, or hospitals. The unique designed frying equipment can produce a variety of fried food and street food including fried chickens, donuts, fried onion rings, French fries, and flavored cashew nuts, etc.

Structure of Cashew Fryer | Blancher

The cashew fryer consists of a thermometer and control system, well-sealed electric control cabinet, frying/blanching tank (number customizable), heating duct, water inlet, water outlet, and sewage outlet. The cashew fryer is of SUS304 construction.

Advantages and Features

  1. The size fryer/blancher can be customized according to the customer’s business scale or requirement on output;
  2. The frying basket is made of stainless steel with less weight than the traditional ones selling in the current market. It is designed easier to be lifted, which relieves the burden on operators;
  3. The heating tube is made thicker and stronger to ensure a prolonged service life;
  4. The water-oil separating design eliminated the trouble of polluted frying oil leading to charred cashews;
  5. The well-sealed controlling cabinet ensures safe working during the frying process.

Machine Parameter

model power Oil tank capacity diameter
500 12kw/380v 500x500x400mm 700x700x950mm
1000 24kw/380v 1000x500x400mm 1200x700x950mm
1000A 27kw/380v 1000x700x400mm 1400x1050x1400mm
1500A 40.5kw/380v 1500x700x400mm 1900x1050x1200mm
2000A 54kw/380v 2000x700x400mm 2350x1050x1200mm

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