Working principle of cashew peeling machine

Pour soaked peanuts into the inlet hopper, through vibration raw materials are conveyed into chamber equipped with induction line and feeding roller, by imitating the hand peeling method, the machine achieve the peeling effect. Then conveyed by discharging roller, peeled peanuts are pressed into the discharge hopper, with its kernel discharged into the collection barrel, while its peel tossed out. The machine adopts pneumatic principle thus it can peel cashew nuts without causing any damage. Moreover, the peeling machine can be used to remove the nut’s peel without soaking with a peeling rate above 95%, and the kernels and peel can be separated automatically. In addition, customers can select special cashew screening machine invented by to further screening the cashew after peeling.

Advantages of cashew nut peeling machine


  1. Adopt the specially designed peeling principle, in the peeling process, nuts are completely free from effect of blade cutting and hardness friction, thus ensuring the integrity of the processed material without being polluted.
  2. Characterized by short-term automatic feeding, peeling and discharging, and of consistent automatic pattern, the peeling machine is practical, power-saving of small volume, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and clean peeling effect, and low fault rate.
  3. It is equipped with automatic feeding device, and the kernels and peel can be separated automatically. The products conform to the national hygiene standards.