Cashew Vibrate Separator | Cashew Shell Separating Machine

The cashew shell separating machine is used for separating nuts and shells of cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, etc.  The cashew nuts separated by the equipment will enter into the next step of the cashew nut processing line. According to different uses, the cashew vibrate separator could be customized into a specific length. The machine has a simple operation and it is widely used in nut factories.

The cashew shell separating machine has a quick speed. The high rate to separate and low risk to break nuts help the machine to be the best choice for factories. Therefore, it is suitable for factories to apply this separator in the nut production line.

And we have two types of separators, they work with basically the same principle. The only different point is the hopper.

Working Principle

The cashew vibrate separator works according to the different suspension speed between kernel and shell. Users can adjust the size of the airflow and the shell is separated from the kernel. And finally, they come out through two respective outlets.

Advantages Of Cashew Shell And Kernel Separator Machine

1 High efficiency

Feeding only needs one time and the shell kernel is separated automatically. The operation is also simple.

2 Diverse uses

This machine is not only for cashew nuts separating. It can also separate other nuts, like peanuts and almonds.

3 Production line

The machine can be used with the assembly line or work alone, with large output. And it takes a small space.

How To Maintain The Machine

  • Please clean and maintain the machine regularly.
  • Professional experts should check some parts regularly to prevent the machine from damages.

The cashew vibrate separator is also an important part of the cashew nut processing line. If you are interested in the separator machine or the production line, please contact us. We are looking forward to your messages.

Machine Parameter

Cashew shell separating machine
Cashew Shell Separating Machine
Model TZJ -200
Capacity 1200 kg/h
Size 2600 x 600 x 1500 mm
Voltage 380 v/50 HZ
Power 1.85 kw
Cashew vibrate separator
Cashew Vibrate Separator
Model TZ-ZD 1200
Capacity 1200 kg/h
Dimension 5000*600* 800 mm
Voltage 380 v  50 hz
Power 1.5 kw
Weight 350 kg

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