Drying machine


Cashew is native to Brazil and has since spread to India, Africa and south-east Asia in Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, and is also grown in Hainan and Yunnan provinces, China. Cashew nuts are inclined to be nourished in the sunshiny tropical areas with high temperature, they are of tenacious vitality. Cashew nuts and hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, known as the “four popular nuts” world-widely.

Cashew Dryer is used for reducing the moisture content of the cashew kernel to a level required for efficient removal of testa. It is a technically superior dryer for drying cashew kernels, which is arrived at by regular research and experiments within the industry. Every care has been taken for making it more efficient, reliable and years of trouble free drying experience. It is designed in the matter to provide constant temperatures with a standard flow of air inside the trolley room.

 Multifunctional cashew nuts dryer

High temperature steaming

Fresh cashews covered by hard, thick, green outer shell, is rich in oil and toxic. Skin contact can lead to allergic symptoms and even life-threatening. First in the shell to cashew nuts in the boiler of more than 100 ℃ high temperature fumigation, insecticidal, after disinfection and sterilization process.

Automatic drying

According to the characteristics of unshelled cashew nuts, the drying parameters are set by PCL computer intelligent control system of the cashew nuts dryer. The cashew nuts with shell in the drying chamber are dehydrated until the shell is cracked open preliminarily split. The dried husks are discharged then be extracted and used to make the auxiliary materials for paint. While the kernels continue sent into the subsequent processing.