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Cashew market in India

Cashew, a tree native of Eastern Brazil, was introduced in India by the Portuguese nearly five centuries ago. In India, cashew was first introduced in Goa, from where it spread to other parts of the country. Commercial cultivation began in the early 1960s and over the years, cashew became a crop with high economic value and attained […]

Benefits of cashew nuts

You must have saw cashew nut even if you haven’t eaten them. But have you ever seen the real cashew tree? The cashew nut we saw on the market is actually not the true fruit of cashew tree, but the pseudocarp. As shown in the following picture, the red fruit is the true fruit called […]

Automatic cashew peeling machine

Our automatic cashew peeling machine adopts the aerodynamic principle which can effectively peel the skin of cashew. First you should dump cashew from the feeding inlet, the cashew in the machine will be peeled into skin and nuts. The skin after peeling will be discharged from the air outlet. This machine needs to be equipped […]

Multiple models cashew drying machine

Cashew nuts are native planted in northeastern Brazil and less than 10 degrees south latitude. Cashew is introduced to Asia and Africa in sixteenth Century and now has spread across East African and South Asian countries. India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mozambique and Tanzania have the largest cashew nut planting area in the world. In China, cashew […]

Automatic cashew vibrate sieve

After the cashew is crushed and shelled, the shell and the nuts are mixed together. In order to separate them, in the past, people depend on manpower, which is time-consuming and inefficient and can’t meet the great need of market. Now, you can choose cashew vibrate sieve produced by Shuliy Machinery Company. It is automatic […]

Hot selling cashew shelling machine

Cashew shelling machine is used for cashew’s cracking and shelling. It is increasingly hot selling around the world as the cashew nut is greatly favored in the market. Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer factory that specialized in scientific research, development, design and manufacturing. Our company has exported varied machines to many countries like America, […]