A kaju grinding machine is a machine used to grind various nuts such as cashews, peanuts, etc. It can grind cashews into delicious cashew butter. So, if you also need a nut grinding machine, this machine is a good choice.

In this article, we will introduce the working principle, parameters and application range of cashew grinding machine in detail.

Kaju grinding machine
kaju grinding machine

How to grind cashew nuts?

The cashew nut grinder uses the interaction between the high-speed rotating grinding disc and the grinding teeth inside the machine to grind cashew nuts into cashew nut butter. The working principle of the machine is as follows.

Inside the kaju grinding machine there is a pair of interacting grinding discs. One is stationary and is called the fixed disc. The other is rotating and is called the moving disc. When the shelled cashew nuts are poured into the machine from the feeding port, they are brought to the grinding teeth between the grinding discs. Under the high-speed shearing and grinding action of the grinding teeth, the cashew nuts will be ground up.

If you want to get finer cashew butter, you just need to adjust the grinding disc spacing and rotation speed. Finally, the ground material will be discharged from the discharge port.

How to grind cashew nuts
how to grind cashew nuts

Machine parameters

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Machine size(mm)Power(kw)Weight(kg)

Advantages of kaju grinding machine

  1. High production efficiency. The production capacity of the cashew nut grinder is between 50-1000kg/h. So, if you have a cashew nut processing plant, this machine can meet your needs.
  2. The particle size of the finished product is uniform. The kaju grinding machine uses high-speed rotating shear force to make cashew nut butter. The cashew butter made in this way has uniform particle size and high product quality.
  3. The machine is easy to operate. The user only needs to turn on the machine and pour the material into the feed port. It can be easily operated by one person.
  4. Safety and hygiene. The parts of the cashew grinding machine in contact with the material are made of food-grade stainless steel, which has the advantages of hygiene, safety, and easy cleaning.
  5. Simple structure and easy maintenance.
Cashew nut butter
cashew nut butter

Application range of kaju grinding machine

  1. Food industry. The machine is widely used in major food factories. You can use it to make various liquid and semi-fluid foods such as peanut butter, jam, ketchup, bean paste, chili sauce, etc.
  2. Cosmetics industry. Cashew nut grinding machines are also widely used in the cosmetic industry. You can use it to make face cream, shampoo, toothpaste, and other daily necessities.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry. The machine can be used to manufacture medical emulsions, injections, and other medical supplies.
  4. Chemical industry. Machines can also be used to produce lubricants, paints, dyes, coatings, etc.

How to choose the cashew nut grinding machine that suits you?

If you want to choose the right kaju grinding machine. You need to determine the production capacity, grinding effect and machine quality you want. Second, you need to understand details such as the safety of the machine and how easy it is to operate the machine. Then you need to determine the qualifications of the cashew nut grinder manufacturer, and whether they have rich export experience and manufacturing experience. Finally, you also need to consider your own budget and choose a cost-effective machine within the budget.

Nut grinding machine for sale
nut grinding machine for sale

How to use a cashew nut grinder correctly?

  1. Clean the machine.
  2. Adjust the disc spacing. According to the different characteristics of the material and the required particle size, adjust the distance between the grinding discs. It is usually recommended that the distance between the grinding discs is between 0.1-2.5mm.
  3. Turn on and adjust the speed. Plug the power supply into the socket and turn on the power switch. Then adjust the speed of the kaju grinding machine, the speed is recommended to be between 1000-3000rpm.
  4. Feeding: evenly add cashew nuts into the machine. The user can gradually increase the feeding speed while observing whether the outlet is blocked.
  5. Cleaning: Turn off the power after grinding. Then discharge the material in the colloid mill. Finally, rinse with clean water.
Cashew butter
cashew butter

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