Poisonous cashew nut shell and skin

Working principle and advantages of pneumatic cashew nut peeling machine:

  1. The machine adopts the specially designed peeling method: during the peeling process, cashew nut does not undergo the action of blade and hardness friction, so as to ensure the effective peeling characterized by low damage, smooth surface and no pollution. The equipment is practical, energy saving, high efficiency is easy to be maintained and cleaned.
  2. With automatic feeding device, cashew nuts and its skin can be separated automatically with the finished product meeting the international hygienic standards for food. And because of the advantages of long shelf life, pneumatic cashew nut peeling machine has been sold at home and abroad and was highly praised by customers!

Frequent severe vibration during working with abnormal sound is a common fault of the cashew but peeling machine, the reasons are listed as follows:

  1. The foundation is not firm for the anchor bolt is loose, thus the failure can be eliminated by tightening the bolt.

Advantages of cashew nut peeling machine

  1. The fastener or transmission part is loose, which needs to be tightened with a wrench.
  2. There are stones or other debris between rollers. Remove sundries.
  3. Some parts of bearings of pneumatic cashew nut peeling machine are damaged. Replace it with a new bearing.
  4. The fan impeller is entangled with sundries. Stop the machine to remove sundries.