Cashew kernels can improve our appetite and resistance ability, regular cashew kernels serving have the effect of nourishing the kidney. Therefore we can eat cashew nuts to make our kidney more powerful! The reason why cashew nuts are called cashew nuts is because the shape of cashew nuts are similar to kidneys, and cashew nuts are rich in nutrition and is of good antioxidant function. Cashew peeling machine developed by Shuliy Machinery can make the cashew processing easier and more effective.

Cashew peeling machine

Cashew nut is rich in nutrition, and fat it containing reaches 47%, and it contains 21.2% of protein and 22.3% of carbohydrates. It also contains Vitamin A, b1.b2 and minerals, especially the trace elements such as manganese, chromium, magnesium and selenium, which are acting with functions such as antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-tumor and anti-cardiovascular diseases. The fatty acids are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, among which oleic acid accounts for 67.4% and linoleic acid accounts for 19.8%. It can be fried, salted, candied bringing us unique savoring.

Because of cashew’s great taste, as a certain diet therapy, it is very popular. But the overmuch serving can cause allergy symptoms of stomach pain, nausea, palpebral edema, itchy pharyngeal, painful eye, ear, nose, sneeze, and makes one giddy and perturbed; in severe cases, anaphylactic shock occurs in adults, among which the most dangerous is respiratory edema. If the laryngeal edema causing breathless, asphyxiation, which can be fatal. In particular, people who suffer bronchial asthma shall be more careful. Certain components in the cashew nuts can cause allergic reactions in asthmatic patients, followed by a series of clinical allergic symptoms. Moreover, cashew nuts uncooked can be fatal for the oil exuded from the cashew membrane is toxic. Shuliy’ cashew peeling machine can provide efficient cashew processing method by peeling cashew without causing any harm to operators.