Cashew nut is one of the favorite nuts for modern people because of its rich nutrition. However, its processing is complicated. Unlike walnut, the shell and skin have to be removed by professional workers or machines since they are toxic. If you accidentally touch them, your skin would be eroded. Even for workers wearing protective gloves, after a long term, their hands would be horrible. In India, manufacturers depend on manpower to deal with cashew nut skin. Though they have high yield of cashew nut, their production is relatively low. This situation can be improved by cashew nut peeling machine.

Advantages of cashew nut peeling machine

Cashew nut peeling machine has two outstanding advantages. One is about its feature of easy-operation. What people need to do is feed the cashew into the machine, then the machine will automatically work and finish the peeling. Its peeling rate is high and the breaking rate is low. More importantly, it prevent people from the danger of hands eroding. The other advantage is that it can adapt to the needs of mass production. No matter how many people they have in developing countries like Vietnam and India, machine is more time-saving and more efficient. To sum up, cashew nut peeling machine is worthy of  attention for Indian and Vietnamese cashew nut producers.