A brief introduction to cashew nut

As is known to us, the cashew nut is rich in nutrition for instance: polyunsaturated fat, which can reduce blood pressure, and cholesterol levels so as to reduce the risk of having heart diseases; an excellent source of protein, which is the energy supply for human body functioning appropriately; the fiber and anti-oxidants help us keeping diet and preventing aging to a certain extent. While, too many servings of cashew in one setting will cause the consequence of gaining weight and digestion issues.

Cashew kernel
cashew kernel

Manual cashew nut peeling

After cooked, shelled and dried manually aided by traditional tools, loads of semi-finish cashew nuts will send to workshop for hand peeling. The peeling process is laborious and tedious, costing too much time but result in slim profits. Apparently, it is why the finished product of cashew nut cost us so much money. From the aspect of retailers and the cashew processing factory, here calls for an advanced cashew nut peeler.

Advantages of cashew nut peeling machine

Advanced full-automatic cashew nut peeling machine on sale

The cashew nut peeler invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery independently, is the latest product of high efficiency, less energy consumption, low damage rate to the cashew kernel, low maintenance, and with Shuliy providing sincere services, Shuliy has won appreciation form customers domestic and international.