The process flow of cashew nuts is as follows:

  1. Wash cashew nuts by machine to remove impurities or damaged fruits.
  2. Select fruit by size with cashew sorting machine.
  3. Increase water content by cashew cooking machine. Humidification can soften the fruit shell, thus facilitating the roasting process bursting out the fruit shell oil, but also with the cashew nuts’ color remain during processing.
  4. Process dried kernels with oil bath method adopted.
  5. Remove oil residue by centrifugal method is an important process for sticky oil, if not be cleaned up, will not only damage the equipment, but also do harm to the workers.

At the same time, the kernels are stained with oil and lose their consumption value.

  1. Cool down in the open air.
  2. Through the secondary sorting machine, the cashew kernels will be divided into eight grades.


Advantages of cashew nut peeling machine


  1. Crack open the shell with the cashew sheller.
  2. Separate the empty shell and kernel through cashew separating machine.
  3. Remove empty shell with compressed air.
  4. Dry the shelled cashew kernels in the drying chamber of cashew drying machine.
  5. Peel the membrane on cashew kernel by cashew peeling machine with separating effect achieved synchronically.
  6. The unpeeled kernels after cashew processing are transferred to a heavy peeling section, in which intact kernels and broken kernels are separated by compressed air separator and electronic picking machine.

In the processing of cashew nuts, machine peeling is very important. Cashew nuts processed by cashew processing equipment is of relatively low damage rate,  easy operation, with cashew smooth surface ensured. Therefore, the quality and cost performance of the nuts are greatly improved making them easy to sell.