Cashew market in india
The advanced pneumatic peeling machine Shuliy invented and manufactured by adopting the airflow peeling method is suitable for cashew nuts, peanuts and other nuts peeling is suitable for the small-scale cashew processing.
1. During processing, there is no damage caused to the cashew surface, and cashew peeler is of ensured freshness preservation ability and no pollution will produced during operation.
2. Complete peeling effect in one operation, and it is characterized by high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate.
3. Equipped with automatic temperature control and automatic feeding device, can achieve the automatic separation effect of cashew nuts and peels.

Advantages of cashew nut peeling machine

Automatic cashew nut peeling machine is comprised of elevator – cooking machine – peeling machine – cashew kernel sorting machine.
The cashew nut peeling machine produced by our company has received tremendous response from the customers since it was put into the market. With the increasing praise, it sells well not only in China, but also in international markets including the United States, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Australia and other countries. Shuliy’s technical products and high-quality after-sales service are the competitiveness who has lay a solid foundation for China machine to reach out to the international market. Shuliy’s cashew nut peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle and automatic digital control can process cashew nuts and pine nuts without any impurities with peeling rate reach up to 98%.