Cashew growing method

Benefits of cashew nuts

1 growth condition

Generally speaking, cashews are not drought-tolerant. They grow at a high temperature during the growing period. The average temperature monthly should be maintained at 23 to 30 degrees Celsius before they can blossom and bear fruit.

2 breeding

The shape of the seed, the yield of cashews seedlings are usually unstable, so asexual propagation is often used in cashew nut reproduction. The asexual propagation techniques of cashew nuts mainly include grafting, bud grafting, cutting, nourish, epicotyl grafting, inlay grafting, split grafting, tissue culture, etc. Cashew seedlings should be planted during the periods from February to April or October to November every year, so as to achieve the highest survival rate of more than 93%. It is better to use peat, moss, and wood shavings as the foundation. Before mound layering, the seed trees are applied 0.00025 g /ml ethylene agent or 0.001 g /ml clonazepam, and then the air layering was applied with the mixture of 0.0002 g /ml p-carboxyl benzyl, which could promote branch rooting, increase root number, and root length.

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3 Cashew nut management

Through shaping and pruning the canopy structure can be adjusted, and improve the environment including the ventilation and light quantity for tree growing, so as to improve the fruit setting rate and increase the yield rate. The principle for pruning sapling appropriately of cashew fruit is slightly pruning is better than heavily, and the method of pruning several times than pruning with one time is highly recommended. The pruning method of undertaking pruning many times, with pyramid-shaped pruning, can lead to an ideal effect.

4 Disease and pest control of cashew nuts

Cashews can be affected by more than 60 diseases and insects at different stages of growth. Among them, cashew nut disease mainly includes gumming disease, leaf cast, foliar rot disease, yellow leaf spot disease, and lobule disease. Insect pests mainly include cashew horn bug, cashew fine moth, and cashew iron moth, beetle, and so on.

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Cashew nut processing line

After being harvested, the cashew apple shall be removed for the apple is perishable which will result in rotten cashew nuts or nuts being infested by pest or mold. Then the row cashew nut shall be cooked by a cashew cooking machine for sterilization and preservation. Then, due to the toxic feature of cashew nuts, the manual peeling method was replaced by cashew peeling by cashew nut processing line.