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Is the Brown Skin of Vietnamese Cashew Nuts Edible?

Cashews are a common nut in life, not only delicious but also very nutritious. We know that cashews have brown skin. Many cashew nuts we bought are without skin. These cashew nuts without skin have been processed by cashew nuts peeling machine. Therefore, many friends ask if the brown skin of cashew nuts can be […]

What does the cashew kernel peeling machine cost?

As we all know, cashew is rich in nutrients and necessary for amusement, and there are many food factories that process peanuts on the market. After peeling, the price of cashew nuts has been greatly increased. Therefore, many cashew processing plants will conduct primary processing of cashew kernel to increase the price. Cashew kernel peeling […]

Pneumatic Cashew peeling Machine De-bugging

Working principle and advantages of pneumatic cashew nut peeling machine: The machine adopts the specially designed peeling method: during the peeling process, cashew nut does not undergo the action of blade and hardness friction, so as to ensure the effective peeling characterized by low damage, smooth surface and no pollution. The equipment is practical, energy […]

How to Peel Cashew Nut in Bulk

Shuliy’s cashew nut peeling machines are equipped with air compressor. The strong air flow generated by the air compressor powered by diesel can form an air swirl to remove the outer membrane of cashew nuts through wind force. The skin is smooth with low damage rate. Dry walnut cashew nut peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle, […]

Cashew Shelling from Manual to Machine

Due to the particularity of cashew nuts, the original manual cashew nuts processing mode is adopted widely at present. The procedures are as follows: Steam: steam the dried raw cashews until the nuts and shell are separated automatically. Air dry: steam and air dry raw cashews naturally. Shelling: manually operate the mechanical shell opener, which […]

Pneumatic Cashew Nut Peeling Machine Factory Outlet

The advanced pneumatic peeling machine Shuliy invented and manufactured by adopting the airflow peeling method is suitable for cashew nuts, peanuts and other nuts peeling is suitable for the small-scale cashew processing. 1. During processing, there is no damage caused to the cashew surface, and cashew peeler is of ensured freshness preservation ability and no […]

Can cashew Tonify Kidney?

Cashew kernels can improve our appetite and resistance ability, regular cashew kernels serving have the effect of nourishing the kidney. Therefore we can eat cashew nuts to make our kidney more powerful! The reason why cashew nuts are called cashew nuts is because the shape of cashew nuts are similar to kidneys, and cashew nuts […]

What is Cashew Peeling with Winnowing Method Adopted

  The process flow of cashew nuts is as follows: Wash cashew nuts by machine to remove impurities or damaged fruits. Select fruit by size with cashew sorting machine. Increase water content by cashew cooking machine. Humidification can soften the fruit shell, thus facilitating the roasting process bursting out the fruit shell oil, but also […]

Overview on Latest Cashew Peeling Machine for Wholesale

  OVERVIEW Working principle The cashew peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle and processes the cashew nuts into peeled cashew nuts without causing any damage. The equipment can be used to strip the membrane from cashew kernels without water soaking. The peeling rate is above 95% with the kernels and skins can be separated automatically Description […]

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