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How to Operation Cashew Dryer

There are various food production lines. Some of them can help us deal with food raw materials more conveniently. Some can help change the taste of food and make it tasty. Perhaps we know barely know about food dryer, but this article can get us learn about it who can facilitate food drying procedure, which […]

Cashew Cracking Open Shelling Machine Outlet

Functional and structure: The cashew shelling machine adopts flow working principle of roller, tooth, rotor and roller. The rotor propel the spiral tooth roller to squeeze and rub the kernel and shell with each other and be separated by air separation. The function of suction air separation realize thorough separate without impurities mixed in with […]

Can cashew Tonify Kidney?

Cashew kernels can improve our appetite and resistance ability, regular cashew kernels serving have the effect of nourishing the kidney. Therefore we can eat cashew nuts to make our kidney more powerful! The reason why cashew nuts are called cashew nuts is because the shape of cashew nuts are similar to kidneys, and cashew nuts […]

How to Cook Cashew Stir-fried Shrimp

Effects of cashew nuts The nutrients cashew nuts contain are mainly fat and protein. The fat is mainly unsaturated fatty acid, which plays the vital role in relieving constipation, moisturizing skin, and is of great importance in preventing cardiovascular diseases. The proteins are comprised of a variety of amino acids can complement the function of […]

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