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High Quality Cashew Sieving Machine on Sale

Characteristics (1) High screening efficiency Because the equipment is equipped with a plate-type screening mechanism. In the screening process, no matter how sticky, wet and miscellaneous the raw materials it process, the screen is not easy to be blocked under the function of the powerful relative motion between the screen and the enclosure, thus improving […]

Cashew nut industry in Guinea

  Guinea’s ambitious goal: to bring locally produced cashews to the international market. Guinea aims to grow 1 million hectares of cashew trees from now until 2020.Cashew trees were introduced to guinea in the late 1940s, but cashew production did sale on the market until 1990.For a long time, cashew industry was growing slowly in […]

Efficient Cashew Peeling Machine 200 kg/h Capacity

  Working principle of cashew peeling machine Pour soaked peanuts into the inlet hopper, through vibration raw materials are conveyed into chamber equipped with induction line and feeding roller, by imitating the hand peeling method, the machine achieve the peeling effect. Then conveyed by discharging roller, peeled peanuts are pressed into the discharge hopper, with […]