Cashews are a common nut in life, not only delicious but also very nutritious. We know that cashews have brown skin. Many cashew nuts we bought are without skin. These cashew nuts without skin have been processed by cashew nuts peeling machine. Therefore, many friends ask if the brown skin of cashew nuts can be eaten? Sometimes the cashew nuts we buy do not have the skin on the outside, so do Vietnamese cashew nuts need to be peeled? Next, we will answer the questions for you.

Cashew nuts sold in market
Cashew Nuts Sold On Market

Does Vietnam cashew need to be peeled?

What we usually buy in the supermarket are processed cashew nuts, which are safe even if we eat the skin. Generally speaking, we don’t recommend cashew nuts with skin. Because the cashew nut skin is rough, eating it directly will affect the taste. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the skin of the cashew before eating. Now that it comes to buying cashew nuts in the supermarket, I have to talk about the skills of selecting cashew nuts.

Cashew nuts
Cashew Nuts

Tips for selecting cashew nuts

  • Look

The first thing to buying Cashew nuts is to see their appearance and whether it is damaged. Normal cashews are shaped like crescent moons and have full nuts. Moreover, the particles are uniform on the whole, and there are no black spots on the surface. It should be noted that when buying cashew nuts, you should taste them first to avoid getting damp. You can also touch it. It feels sticky, indicating that the nuts have been damp, so don’t buy them.

  • Smell

Good cashew nuts smell faint and fragrant. If they smell particularly fragrant, it means there are too many additives. Too many flavors are harmful to the body. Cashews only need to be processed in a cashew roaster to eat. During processing, a small amount of table salt is usually added to enhance the flavor. These are normal. Except that, do not need to add any other ingredients.

Cashew nuts processed by cashew nut roasting machine
Cashew Nuts Are Processed By Cashew Nut Roasting Machine

Can cashew nuts with skin sold in supermarkets be eaten?

Cashew nuts bought in the supermarket can also be eaten with the skin. But if you only eat the skin, it is not recommended. Because the raw cashew pericarp is slightly toxic and irritates the intestines and stomach, which will affect digestion.
Cashew nuts are not suitable for everyone. Cashew nuts contain a lot of oil and are not suitable for people with poor gallbladder function. Cashew nuts also contain a kind of benign fatty acids. Although they will not make people fat, they shouldn’t eat the cashew too much. Especially obese people. In addition, cashew nuts contain a variety of allergens, which may cause allergic reactions for people with an allergic constitution. For Cashew processing plants, usually use cashew nuts peeling machine to remove the skin of cashew nuts.

Cashew kernel peeling machine
Cashew Kernel Peeling Machine


The above is a brief introduction to whether Vietnamese cashews need to be peeled. Unpacked cashews should be eaten as soon as possible to avoid mold. As for whether the brown skin of cashew nuts is edible, it is actually edible after roasting.