Cashew nut is a common nut that many people like to eat. We noticed that cashew nuts on the market can be eaten directly. In fact, like other nuts, cashews have a shell. But do you know why we buy Cashews without shells? In this article, I will answer for you in detail.

  1. Cashew nuts on the market are eaten directly without shelling. But cashew nuts, like other nuts, have a hard shell outside. However, cashew nut shell contains highly toxic and corrosive shell oil, which will erode our skin. Therefore, the manufacturer must shell before selling.
  2. Cashew nut has another name- Anacardium occidentale, which originated in central and South America. It is an evergreen tree, which can generally grow to about 10 meters high. Its growth model is very special. Generally speaking, plant seeds grow inside the pulp, or the seeds are wrapped with a layer of pulp. However, the seeds and pulp of cashew nuts are separated, and only the tips are connected.
  3. The shell of the cashew nut is very special. It is not only very hard, but also corrosive (weak poison). Cashew nut shell has strong irritation to the mouth. If you don’t peel off the shell first, you can’t eat it (unhealthy and inconvenient). In addition, the adhesion between nut and shell is very strong, which is difficult to peel manually. Now, cashew nut manufacturers use cashew nut cracking machine to shell cashew nuts, which do not hurt hands and are more efficient. If the cashew nut cracking machine is not used, it needs to be completely dried or baked at a high temperature in order to make the nuts completely out of the shell.
Cashew nut shelling machine for sale
Cashew Nut Shelling Machine For Sale

Now you know why we get cashews without shells? If you have any questions please contact us.