Cashew nut sheller machine could crack the hard shells of cashew nuts and keep the whole kernels so the nut could better process in the next snack and food plant.  Cashew nuts are mainly applied in the snack food market as a roasted and salty snack. It has attracted the interest of more and more industrial users, such as in biscuits, oatmeal, and also as an ingredient for ice cream. Although Nigeria’s contribution to the supply of cashews exceeds that of Africa as a whole, less than 10% of cashews are processed locally.

Market potential of Nigerian cashew nut export

Finished products of cashew nut cracker
Finished Products Of Cashew Nut Cracker

According to a report in Nigeria’s “Today” on December 29, Nigerian cashew nuts are one of the 13 products that are encouraged to be exported. Nigeria is the eighth largest producer of cashew nuts in Africa. The main reason restricting the development of the cashew nut industry in Nigeria is the lack of processing capacity. Only 10% of cashew nuts are processed in Nigeria, and the others can only be sold at low prices as the original products.
Nigeria exports raw cashew nuts, and processing 50% of raw cashew nuts will create 9,000 jobs and bring a series of economic multiplier effects.

The government has done a lot to teach farmers and value chain operators the benefits of processing this commodity. Especially when creating jobs through raw material exports. Cashew nut processing creates sustainable employment opportunities and can increase the overall value of the cashew nut industry. The capacity utilization rate of the cashew nut processing industry is about 50%.

Cashew nut sheller machine operation

Cashew nuts on the market are eaten directly without peeling the shell. But cashew nuts are actually the same as other nuts, each with a hard outer shell. However, cashew nut shells contain toxic and corrosive shell oil, which can erode the skin. Therefore, manufacturers must remove the shell before selling.

Automatic cashew nut sheller machine
Automatic Cashew Nut Sheller Machine

The new automatic cashew nut peeling machine has a high rate of opening the shell and a high rate of completeness of the kernel. This greatly increases the profit of the cashew nut after processing. At the same time, the equipment is reliable in structure, sturdy and durable, and has completely independent property rights.

We can design and manufacture different output models according to customer needs. The company has the ability to fully develop and produce cashew nut shelling processing production lines.
Main purpose: Used to remove the hard shell of cashew nuts and keep the kernels intact.

The cashew shelling machine and cracking machine is advanced cashew nut shelling equipment, divided into automatic and semi-automatic. According to its width, it divides into 3 to 5 levels and then peeled. The shelling rate and the whole kernel rate of the cashew nut are more than 98%.