We all know that the cashew nut cracker machine is the main equipment of the cashew nut processing line. But do you know the norms of using a cashew nut cracking machine? If you want your machine to have a long service life, then you need to read this article. As a cashew nut shelling machine manufacturer, we will explain the usage specification of this machine for you next.

Cashew nut shelling machine for sale
Cashew Nut Shelling Machine For Sale

Specifications for the use of cashew nut cracker machine

  1. Training for the operator. The actual operating staff must be trained according to their relative expertise. Only after understanding the proper way to operate the cashew nut cracking machine can they carry out their work. In addition, operators need to master the manual of the machine before use.
  2. Advance preparation. The place where the cashew nut shelling machine works should be level. Subsequently, it is also necessary to fix the machine on the concrete roadbed by fixing card-like screws. In addition, we also need to consider the machine’s provisions for switching power and check whether all parts of the machine are kept moistened.
  3. Test run. When it is determined that the cashew shell removing machine is able to work when everything is in normal condition, some test cashew nuts should be put in according to the actual working speed ratio. Then observe every technical information. Finally, we should adjust the machine to meet the technical standards according to the test results. Then it is ready for actual operation.
  4. Timely cleaning. After the completion of the working period should be timely elimination of equipment inside and outside the dirty. We know that there is cashew oil in cashew nuts that can easily cause defilement to the machine.
Automatic cashew shelling machine
Automatic Cashew Shelling Machine

The above is the use of cashew nut cracker machine precautions. If you still want to know anything about cashew nut processing machines, welcome to contact us at any time.