Cashew nut is a common nut food in life. Because of its good taste and high nutritional value, it is deeply loved by people. Moderate consumption of some cashew nuts can also supplement nutrition and improve immunity. Next, we will explain the production place and time to the Market of cashew nuts. Let’s have a look!

Cashew nuts sold in market
Cashew Nuts Sold On Market

Where are cashew nuts produced?

Cashew nuts are native to northeast Brazil and within 10 ° south latitude. Introduced into Asia and Africa in the 16th century, it has spread all over East Africa and South Asia. Countries with large cashew nut planting areas in the world include India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mozambique, and Tanzania. If you want to import cashew nuts, it is recommended to import them from these countries. Shuliy’s cashew processing machine has been exported to Tanzania, India, Venezuela, Vietnam, and other countries.

Cashew nuts in cashew processing machine
Cashew Nuts In Cashew Processing Machine

When will cashew nuts be available?

The ripening period of cashew nuts is from March to June every year. This period is a period when cashew nuts are on the market in large quantities. Cashew nut is one of the four dry fruits in the world. After being processed by a cashew processing machine, the taste is crisper. And the taste after baking by cashew roasting machine is also very fragrant. Coupled with its high nutritional value, the sales volume has always been at the forefront of the nut kingdom.

Cashew nuts with skin
Cashew Nuts With Skin

Selection method of cashew nuts

  1. Select ripe cashew nuts: if you want to buy the raw cashew, then you need to process it by yourself. And processing is cumbersome. So you can buy ripe cashew nuts, which is more convenient. In addition, now cashew nuts are processed by an automatic cashew cutting machine, which is more hygienic than a manual cashew nut shelling machine.
  2. Look at the appearance: before buying cashew nuts, you should look at the appearance carefully. The normal appearance of cashew nuts is a complete crescent shape.
  3. Smell: cashew nuts with good quality smell fragrant. But it can’t be too fragrant, otherwise, it means there are too many additives.
  4. Look at the price: the price of cashew nuts is not cheap. Generally speaking, cooked cashew nuts are about $7-8 per kilogram. The quality of cheap cashew nuts is definitely not good, so you should be optimistic about the price before buying.
  5. Taste: when you buy Cashew Nuts, you should taste them first to prevent them from getting damp.
  6. If you buy packaged cashews, you need to see the factory name, address, production date, shelf life, and other marks on the outer package. Moreover, try to choose well-known brands.
Cashew nut shelling machine for sale
Cashew Nut Shelling Machine For Sale

What happens if you eat too many cashew nuts?

  • Get inflamed: Although the cashew processing machine does not fry cashew nuts. However, the oil content in cashew nuts is very high. After eating too many cashew nuts, you may have a greasy mouth and feel sick. Some will also have an oral mucosal injury, oral ulcer, and other problems. Therefore, when eating cashew nuts, there should be enough.
  • Indigestion: cashew nuts are high in oil and protein. Eating too much may increase the workload of the body’s liver and kidneys, and indigestion may occur. The external manifestations are vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Cause obesity: cashew nuts are very high in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. Eating a lot of cashew nuts may cause fat accumulation in the body and cause obesity. In particular, people who are prone to obesity should eat less.
  • Cause allergy: there are many allergens in cashew nuts. Eating too much will increase the possibility of allergy and aggravate the allergic symptoms of allergic people. The symptoms of allergy are itchy throat, salivation, red and swollen eyelids, or dyspnea.
Cashew nuts processed by cashew processing machine
Cashew Nuts Are Processed By A Cashew Processing Machine


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