Cashew nuts are common nuts in our lives. But do you know how cashews grow? Cashew is the fruit of the cashew tree. In fact, the fruit of the cashew tree has two parts. The larger part is “cashew apple”, and the smaller part is the cashew nuts we eat. When the receptacle under the cashew nut changes from green to red, it means that the cashew nut is ripe. We know that we can’t eat raw cashew nuts directly because of their hard shell. Therefore, the nut part of the cashew fruit tree is unscrewed by the fruit grower and processed through multiple professional processes before it can be eaten. In the cashew nuts processing plant, the most important cashew processing machine is drying. Only cashew nuts treated by a cashew nut dryer can be sold in the market. Next, we will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of cashew drying machines.

Cashew nuts in india
Cashew Nuts In India

The complete cashew nut drying process

The new cashew dryer uses the principle of an air energy heat pump to dry cashew nuts. And the drying process has multiple modes to choose from. According to the characteristics of cashew nuts with shells, the drying parameters are set through the PCL computer intelligent control system of the cashew nut drying machine. This can remove most of the water from the cashew nuts with shells in the drying room and split the nuts and shells.

Cashew drying machine
Cashew Drying Machine

Cashew nut dryer parameter setting

Stage 1: the drying temperature is set to 40-45 ℃, and the drying time is set to 3 hours. This can promote the drainage of moisture from the inside of cashew nuts.
Stage 2: heat up to 50-55 ℃ and dry for about 5 hours.
Stage 3: After the first two stages of drying, cashew nuts have been nearly 50-60% dry. At this time, the temperature in the cashew dryer can be raised to 60-70 ℃. We can remove the cashew nuts from the cashew oven after drying until the water content of the cashew nuts is 12-18%.

Structure composition of cashew dryer

  1. Heat pump heating unit.
  2. Insulation box device.
  3. Hot air circulation device.
  4. Automatic dehumidification device.
  5. Intelligent control device.
Schematic diagram of cashew nut oven
Schematic Diagram Of Cashew Nut Oven

Advantages of cashew nut drying machine

  1. The whole system of the cashew nut oven of the main engine adopts a SUS304 stainless steel inner plate design.
  2. The whole box adopts a 30mm thick polyurethane insulation layer, which has the characteristics of a good heat conduction effect.
  3. The air distribution system inside the cashew nut dryer can make the heat inside the machine box evenly distributed.
  4. The complete circulation closed internal environment can completely recover the heat and improve the energy utilization rate.
  5. Stable performance and convenient operation.
A wide range of applications
A Wide Range Of Applications

It has a wide range of applications and can dry different kinds of materials, such as fruits, vegetables, and Chinese medicinal materials.

Through the treatment of a cashew dryer, you can eat cashew nuts at ease. Are you what to get this cashew nut dryer? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.