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What is the cashew grading machine price?

The cashew nut grader machine is the first cashew processing line. And the price of cashew grading machines is most customers’ focus. About sorting cashew nuts, there is a detailed introduction in the former product article. This post mainly talks about the reasons, benefits, and cost of sorting cashew. Reasons for sorting cashew nuts Firstly, […]

Cashew Nut-from Farm to Fork

Cashew growing method 1 growth condition Generally speaking, cashews are not drought-tolerant. They grow at a high temperature during the growing period. The average temperature monthly should be maintained at 23 to 30 degrees Celsius before they can blossom and bear fruit. 2 breeding The shape of the seed, the yield of cashews seedlings are […]

Pneumatic Cashew peeling Machine De-bugging

Working principle and advantages of pneumatic cashew nut peeling machine: The machine adopts the specially designed peeling method: during the peeling process, cashew nut does not undergo the action of blade and hardness friction, so as to ensure the effective peeling characterized by low damage, smooth surface and no pollution. The equipment is practical, energy […]