Despite a high nutritional value, cashews have gained a reputation of inducing weight gain due to the excessive amount of calories they contain. However, cashew nuts contain healthy fats that help lower cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy. And as it known to us, cashew nut is one of the nutritious nuts rich in unsaturated fatty acid, which is the necessary ingredient to keep our body functioning properly.

Expensive cashew nut

Are cashews good for weight loss? Researches showing that cashew is an all-round nut that is rich of contents reducing the risk for heart disease and cholesterol levels, which helps us to keep health. Besides, cashews are an excellent source of protein, fiber and antioxidants. However too many servings of cashews consumption in one sitting will ruin your healthy diet plan, due to excessive amount of calories they contain. Like we says, drinking water can keep our skin well-moisturized, while too much of water can drown you.

Cashew nut is originate to Amazon rainforest in Peru, and it grows from the cashew apply, which means it is not an actual nut, but a seed growing a wired position. After removed from the apple, cashew nuts are baked or steamed to evaporate its toxic liquid.

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