Benefits of cashew nuts

What is cashew nut?

The cashew tree is a tropical evergreen tree that produces the cashew seed and the cashew apple. The species is originally native to northeastern Brazil. Major production of cashews occurs in Vietnam, Nigeria, India, and Ivory Coast.

Making its way into markets worldwide—cashew product line in Africa

Since 2010, cashew consumption has up-soared in Europe, where the nuts have won appreciation predominately because of their health benefits. Almost three million tonnes are harvested worldwide every year with Ivory Coast crop leading the way with an annual production of 725,000 tonnes, followed by India and Vietnam. With output of just 140,000 tonnes every year, Mozambique lags behind the top three producers but is closing the gap — and has big ambitions. By the time august, 2008, Mozambique has achieved its yield reaching the historic level of 200,000 tonnes of nuts a year.

Expensive cashew nut

Mechanization of cashew product line in Africa

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