Expensive cashew nut
expensive cashew nut

Traditional cashew shelling method

The traditional method of cracking roasted cashew nuts manually, using a harmer or knife cutter is labor-intensive, slow, and tedious; besides, due to the toxic character of uncooked cashew nut, the cashew processing is done harm workers the toxic liquid exuding can cause inflammation, allergic reaction, which can be lethal.

Although the old cashew nut sheller is mechanical crackers do not give satisfactory results in terms of whole kernels percentage. A prototype machine was developed to crack roasted cashew nuts.

Advanced cashew shell removing machine for sale

The automatic cashew shell removing machine is produced by Shuliy after doing technical, and scientific research, considerable design, and laborious tests ran on the sheller machine. Therefore the cashew nut shelling machine Shuliy offers is of reliable design with efficiency, quality ensured, low maintenance, low damage rate, and low energy consumption. Shuliy’s cashew shell removing machine has been exported to markets overseas and is widely appreciated by their customer at home and abroad.

Taizy cashew shelling machine
taizy cashew shelling machine

Working method of Shuliy’s cashew shelling machine

Full automatic processing method: after separating cashew nuts into 3-5 grades (18 mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm) manually or by the combination of Shuliy’s cashew nut processing line, then the feeding action is completed automatically. Cashew nuts with different sizes fit in the circular slots perfectly, then been conveyed to the cracking chamber, in which cashew unshelled will be compressed by the gearwheel motivated by powerful rotor; finally, the cracked cashew will discharge through the outlet with cashew shells.