Benefits of cashew nuts

Brief introduction to cashew industry

Cashew tree is the evergreen tree native to Rainforest in Amazon mainly cultivated in African, Asian countries, has proved more profitable, with earlier maturity and higher yields. Due to its large secondary production value, for instance, derivatives as lubrication, industrial paint, arms manufacturing, etc. cashew is widely planted in Africa, Asian areas nowadays, which is mostly cultivated by small-holding farmers by the rate of 80%, with under-developed agricultural planting, harvesting measures.

Current state of the cashew nut market

Due to the perishability of cashew apple, the cashew nut who is rich in nutrition required by the proper functioning of human body, is one of the predominating market production across the world. According to researches 738,861 tons of finished cashew product including roasted, baked, cashew butter, etc.


Cashew nut product line in India

Recently, an article of the Guardian says, most cashew nut processing work in India are realized by laborious intensive manual producing, during which the main workers are women with relatively low payment. Also, the working procedure is not health security ensured for the toxic feature of the liquid exuding from the cashew peel during the peeling procedure. Thus, in order to cater to the growing market demand and for protecting labor right, the qualified cashew nut processing line with ensured security and favorable price is required.

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