Drying machine


Dried goods are food that has had almost water content removed though dehydrating methods. Dried goods can be preserved for much longer than fresh fruit and can be a handy snack, particularly on long trips where refrigeration is not available.


Researches show dried goods content the same quantity nutrition as the fresh foods, but contain nutrition in a much more condensed way. Without heating damaged, food can be preserved with nutrition intact, such as vitamin C, mineral micronutrients, and fiber.


The flavor of fresh food and dried food varies. Dried foods are characterized by its chewy texture, sweeter taste, and prolonged fragrance holding time.

Multifunctional cashew nuts dryer

The cashew nut drying machine/ dehydrator Shuliy Machinery invented and developed independently can dry all kinds of materials, such as vegetables, fruits, apples chips, pineapple, pawpaw, coconut, mango, banana, spice, sea cucumber, seaweeds, beef jerky, fish, herbs, onions, gingers, chili, pepper, cabbage, carrot and tea leaves etc. the drying machine featured by durable service life, large output, low maintenance and combined with Shuliy’s sincere service is widely used in catering industrial factors across the world.

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