Dry food

What is dry food

Food drying is a method of food preservation in which food is dried (dehydrated or desiccated). Drying inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold through the removal of water. Dehydration has been used widely for this purpose since ancient times; the earliest known practice is 12,000 B.C. Drying process can bring a brand new taste and chewy texture even an extended shelf time to the food compared with the fresh food. And according researches the nutrition remains after food been hydrated or desiccated.

Traditional drying method

Take raisin as example, the grape harvested with similar sizes and mature rate threaded together will be hang on the special made rackets in a relatively ventilated room for hydrating purpose. The drying process can be a long term journey and it needs a laborious and constantly supervision. All these shows that the traditional drying method is out of date then need to be replaced by the advanced mechanical drying method.

Cashew nut drying machine

The advanced drying method

The stray drying machine invented, developed independently by Shuliy Machinery, established by the time 2000. For the past 18 years, Shuliy dedicate in speeding up the mechanization process with investing massively in the R&D so as to contribute the modernization of food processing, and to leverage Shuliy’s company presence.