In China, there are thousands of machinery producing cashew processing machines. There are cashew machine producers in India ,too. However, Chinese cashew machines are more advanced than that in India. Our machines are mostly automatic and easy-operated. But in India, most of their machines are man-handled or semi-automatic.Cashew shell removing machine02Cashew shell removing machine01








Take the cashew shelling machine as an example, our machine can cut cashew automatically and there is no need for people to put the cashew under the knife one by one, but Indian machine asks for people’s taking part in the work. People firstly need to put the cashew on each mould one by one and then they need to trigger the switch which control the knife to cut the cashew. During this process, a lot of manpower and time are unnecessarily spent and it largely decrease the capacity of production. If all the machines in a processing line are like this, that will make a terrible waste. So, in order to meet the huge demand of the world cashew market, we sincerely recommend Indian manufacturers choose our machines in the near future. Shuliy Machinery Company will make you satisfied with our professional knowledge, high-quality machines and considerate after-sale service.