1, the cashew nut shelling machine adopts triangular belt drive. After belt of large cashew peel machine has been used for a period of time will gradually become flabby due to the action of pull force, adjustment shall be paid according to the manual, tighten wiredrawing and tensioning wheel of each part.

2, for the screen lifting shaft and other the joints of the bearing should be timely checked for refueling oil timely.

3, the temperature of the motor should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, bearing temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, temperature too high indicates malfunction of motor that shall be eliminated.

4, shell peeling machine during using, attention shall be paid to each part’s operation, check whether the fastening bolts at each part is loose, if found it shall be fastened. Parts shall be maintained especially high speed running parts, such as: upper and lower fan blades, wear or fracture, whether external reinforcement plate for blade is worn or deformed or not, such as the problem maintenance or replacement should be timely carried on.

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5, the bottom of the screen: the bottom of the screen is regularly cleaned with a wire brush, the bottom hole of the screen is blocked, aggravate the kernel crushing rate, stone removal machine and rubbing machine are the same, need to regularly clean the bottom of the screen.

6, after the end of the processing season, the  Cashew Nut Shelling Machine should be inspected thoroughly. First, check the drum shaft, eccentric shaft, fan shaft; secondly, check whether there is deformation or cracks in the bottom of the screen; finally, check the screen. After the inspection, the damaged part shall be repaired, remove dirt and residual peanuts in the machine, all bolts should be tightened, all bearings should be lubricated, belts should be disassembled and accessories shall be stored for using in the next harvest season.