As we all know, cashew is rich in nutrients and necessary for amusement, and there are many food factories that process peanuts on the market. After peeling, the price of cashew nuts has been greatly increased. Therefore, many cashew processing plants will conduct primary processing of cashew kernel to increase the price. Cashew kernel peeling is an important step in the initial processing. So how do we use the cashew peeling machine? What does the cashew kernel peeling machine cost?

How does the mechanized cashew peeler work?

You may have seen the product article explaining the machine in detail. Well, it is easy to operate and what we need to do is to dump the raw materials, unpeeled cashew nuts, into the upper hopper. And we turn on the power, waiting to collect the peeled kernel under the outlet with a box or any container. There are no obstacles facing us, customer-friendly, right?

Factors affecting cashew kernel peeling machine cost

Knowing the operating steps, you may consider the cost. Before I tell you the price, there are some influencing elements we need to know. Firstly, the cost of a machine is determined by its components, like the air compressor, the appearance, or the size. Especially, the air compressor needs a large power supply, which may also increase the electricity bill. Secondly, several machines consist of a cashew processing line. Customers could choose to buy a series of machines to process cashew nuts or buy one single machine for personal uses.

Thus, we know there is no single price. What the customers need to pay depends on their needs or the machines they buy. And if you are interested in our cashew kernel peeling machine or the production line, please leave your contact on our website and we will send the machine details and price to you.