The cashew nut dryer is mainly used to dry cashew nuts to obtain a better peeling effect. The customer can choose the tray dryers, box drying rooms, or continuous mesh belt dryers according to their output requirements. These dryers all can dry cashew nuts and can get a good drying effect. So, what is the cashew dryer price? The cashew nut dryer machine supplier introduces you to some factors that affect the cashew nut dryer price.

Cashew dryer machine
Cashew Dryer Machine

Several factors affecting cashew dryer price

  1. The nuts dryer output

Because the different customer has different output requirements. So, for the same machine, we produce several models with different outputs. The most fundamental difference in output is the difference in the use area of the drying box. Therefore, the area of the drying box determines the output of dried cashew nuts.

  1. The material of the cashew nut dryer

We use stainless steel as the machine material and add thermal insulation cotton inside for thermal insulation. Therefore, the machine not only has a stable structure but also has a good heat preservation function and can obtain a better drying effect. In order to save the production cost of the machine, many manufacturers use non-stainless steel or do not use insulation cotton.

These two factors not only affect the price of the dryer but also affect the drying effect.

  1. Number of pallets and trolleys

Considering the convenience of drying cashew nuts and maximize the efficiency of machine utilization. Many customers usually purchase two or more trolleys with the nuts dryer. This can increase the speed of drying cashews.

The output of the cashew dryer, the material of the machine, and the number of trolleys and trays will affect the price of the cashew dryer. You can consider the above factors when choosing a cashew dryer.

Cashew dryer machine inner tray
Cashew Dryer Machine Inner Tray