Drying machine

Hot air circulation oven air circulation system adopts fan circulating air supply method guaranteeing the uniform and efficient air circulation. The air source is driven by the circulating air supply motor (using the contactless switch) through the heater, then sent out through the air duct to the inner chamber of the oven, then the used circulating air recycled through the air duct to form a heating recycling circulation.

Cashew nut drying machine

Operation and cautions of the drying oven :

  1. This thermal drying oven shall be placed indoors and be installed smoothly.
  2. The power supply shall be equipped with a special basking switch and connected with ground wire.
  3. Power supply, voltage, and power supply wiring must be checked before starting the dryer.
  4. Before first use, or being stored for a long time, the oven shall be heated un-load at a temperature between 80-100 ℃ first two hours and then raise the temperature for discharging humidity to increase insulation performance and extend the service life of the thermal parts.
  5. The thermal sensor probe of temperature controller inside the oven shall be inserted into the drying chamber from the temperature hole of the left circuit, while do not insert it from the center hole of the valve to avoid malfunction of the drying oven.
  6. Before the first operation, observe the drying condition frequently to avoid overheating and damaging.
  7. When put in raw materials, do not bump into the temperature controller to prevent causing damage to it.
  8. Do not put explosive, flammable and volatile articles in chamber to prevent explosion.