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Although the multi-layer cashew dryer is efficient and energy-saving, there will be failures in the actual operation. What we do is to find out the fault cause and eliminate them, thus making the maximum use of multi-layer cashew dryer. Therefore, choose the multi-layer cashew dryer with advanced and qualified configuration. The multi-layer cashew dryer filter shall be match to the aperture of inlet hopper of the dryer. Generally, the mesh diameter of the filter is 0.2 times of that of entry channel of the dryer. What are the common fault of multi-layer cashew dryer during operation? And how should we deal with them? How should we maintain it?

Cashew nut drying machine

  1. Check the air source unit before starting up, drain the surplus water and ensure sufficient oil.
  2. Make sure the cashew drying equipment is well grounded, and its temperature meter on the equipment should be calibrated.
  3. Check and maintain all components including bearing lubricating, pulley adjusting, electrical lines inspecting, rocker arms of door, pipe joints adjusting and fixing.
  4. Raw materials catching fire may be caused by the inferior design of the dryer equipment, or the fire in the dryer caused by the non-absorbability of raw materials.
  5. The problem of insufficient drying effect of raw materials in one time operation is mainly caused by improper operation or application of drying machine.