What should we do if there is rust in the process of using a cashew nut roasting machine? How can we prevent the machine from rusting? As a professional cashew nut machinery manufacturer, today we will introduce how to prevent the cashew roasting machine from rusting.

How to prevent cashew nut roasting machine from rusting?

Many cashew nut roaster machines have carbon steel parts. A large amount of rust will form on its surface after a long time of use. This requires manual derusting. Shuliy cashew nut roasting machine uses a passivation method to prevent the surface of the machine from rusting. The passivation method is mainly to generate a fine antirust film on the surface of the metal through electrical and electrochemical reactions. After using this method, even if we put the equipment into a humid environment, it will not rust.
How to prolong the service life of the machine?

Cashew nut roasting machine
Cashew Nut Roasting Machine

Check before startup

Before starting the cashew nut roasting machine, check the air supply triplet, drain the water and ensure that there is enough oil. Then check and maintain the parts, such as adding lubricating oil to the bearing, adjusting the pulley, checking the electrical circuit, rocker arm of the door, pipe joints, etc., and fixing them. Make sure that the fixing bolts of the base are not loose. Make sure that the control, wind wheel and heat exchanger of the computer board have contact sensitivity.

Machine maintenance

First, we should check whether the moving parts, bearings, conveyor belts, and V-belts are damaged. In case of any abnormality, fasten, replace and lubricate in time. The hot air blower of cashew nut roasting machine shall be filled with lubricating oil every 100 hours and the cold air blower every 400 hours. Replace the butter every 1000 hours of operation. The hoist and conveyor bearings shall be filled with lubricating oil after each work.

Repair vulnerable parts

The screws of the elevator bearing, bearing seat, lifting bucket, and lifting bucket are easy to loosen. Therefore, frequent maintenance is required. The conveyor bearing and belt connecting buckle shall be checked and replaced frequently. Electrical appliances and moving parts of the cashew nut roaster machine should also be frequently overhauled. After the operation is completed, the heating equipment shall be closed first, and then the gas engine shall be stopped. Stop the forced draft fan and exhaust fan when the temperature drops below 100 ℃.

Machine cleaning

After the work is completed, the remaining materials in the cashew nut roasting machine body shall be removed in time. Then close the dust remover and power supply. Check the firmness of the connecting parts between bearings and seals, the lubrication of each component, and the correct orientation of the valve port. After powering on, observe whether the voltage and instrument are normal.