Dry food

Standard for dried fruit: when dried nuts collide with each other, they sound crisp, when cracked open, its membrane can be easily broken, and its kernels are crisp. At room temperature, the average moisture content of nuts with relative humidity of 60% is 8%, with membrane is about 4% to facilitate nuts reaching the dried fruit standard. Shuliy Machinery is a professional enterprise engaged in research and development and production of food, cashew nuts dryers. Its producing and manufacturing method is of the dryers is of efficient output, and combined with the company’s ten years of dryer manufacturing experience, is your ideal choice for dryer. Shuliy Machinery co., ltd. Can offers customers perfect after-sales service.

How about the quality of Shuliy Machinery’s walnut dryers? Shuliy Machinery is the earliest domestic researcher, supplier and developer, manufacturer of high temperature heat pump. We are authorized by more than ten national patents released by government, and we has exported to foreign countries for ten years. Shuliy Machinery is your reliable partner and we are looking forward to cooperate with you for providing you with the perfect service.

Cashew nut cooker

What are the advantages of Shuliy Machinery walnut drying machine compared with average dryers?

  1. Its versatility is wider and its range of applicable temperature is from – 10 to -40 ℃, and can work all-weather for all the year round, it can be used in all inclement weather including cloudy, rain, snow and other, and not be impacted by low temperature in winter night.
  2. Continuous heating, than the traditional solar energy ability to adapt to the weather.
  3. Low operating cost: compared with conventional solar energy, during the sunny day in spring, summer and autumn, the operating cost is higher than solar energy, granted, the thermal efficiency is far higher than the electric auxiliary heating of solar energy.
  4. Easy to install: Shuliy Machinery thermal walnut dryer occupies a small space, and is convenient to use. Shuliy Machinery co., ltd. has a perfect after-sales service, which can guarantee your benefits.