Benefits of cashew nuts

There are various food production lines. Some of them can help us deal with food raw materials more conveniently. Some can help change the taste of food and make it tasty. Perhaps we know barely know about food dryer, but this article can get us learn about it who can facilitate food drying procedure, which is a very important procedure in food processing. For example some vacuum packed food need to be kept after evaporation, and some whose better flavor can be achieved only after they are dried enough.

Cashew nut drying machine

Cashew dryer operation manual:

  1. Temperature: set the temperature of the oven by automatic heating control system, the temperature usually can be set from 40 to 80 degrees, when the low temperature heating reached the lowest limit the heating restart automatically, when the highest temperature limit reached, the heating stops so as to maintain the constant temperature in drying oven.
  2. Humidity: through intelligent automatic humidity controller, the humidity control error in the oven within 3%, the humidity in the oven can be actively timely controlled.
  3. Time step: H, M and S is for hours, minutes and seconds respectively. Select (H) to set the required time. The heating effect will be turned off automatically at the setting time.
  4. Fan controlling knob: turn the knob reversely and forwardly by automatic or manual operation. After opening, temperature in the oven is even with the drying effect is properly set.