Cashew, famous for its kidney-shape appearance, is believed beneficial for our health. Thus, in supermarket, the selling of cashew nut is always hot. However, have you ever wondered why the cashew snacks we buy has no skin?

Poisonous cashew nut shell and skin 2

In fact, according to the Chinese Plant Atlas Database, cashew nut is a poisonous plant. Its toxicity is in the shell and seed coat. The shell of cashew nut contains “cashew nut shell oil”, which is highly toxic. It contains some chemicals, such as cashew phenol which can erode human skin. This is also the common characteristic of the lacquer tree plants in which cashew nuts are located. It is said that cashew is used as a poison at the very first. Once contacting with its water extract, skin will ting, redness and blister. Eating cashew would causes tongue tingling and abdominal pain. The water and alcohol extract from the cashew skin can reduce the blood pressure to the intravenous injection, and the toxicity to the small fish is strong. The peel is a little less toxic than the shell, but after all, it’s for human consumption, so it’s also removed, so it’s best not to eat it. So, the shell and skin of cashew is inedible. For shelling them, Shuliy Machinery Company have cashew nut cooker and dryer on sale. Welcome to contact us for more details.