Have you ever seen a nut like cashew hung below the cashew apple? Though the apple is edible, the nut like cashew has more percentage of nutrition and high in minerals than it. Therefore, the popularization of the cashew nut is apparently reasonable. As a plant original from Brazil, cashew nut has found its way into the universal nut markets, including India, China, Thailand, other countries in Europe and Africa, etc. At this point, maybe you are wondering why this little kidney-like “nut” is preferred by people all round the world. Here is the answer to this question.

Cashew nut cooker

With its large percentage of nutrition and minerals, cashew nuts has its function as a great helper to nourish your hair—the nutritious components in it can provide you with silky-smooth hair; be of a high portion of selenium, zinc, iron and phosphorous, cashew nut oil consumption and applying can bring your skin silky texture; proper cashew nut consumption regularly can help you to lose weight, due to its has the necessary unsaturated fat that human body need. But the cashew nut shelling processing is hard to carry on due to the out-layer of the cashew kernel. Shuliy Machinery has invented and manufactured a series of cashew nut processing machine, including cashew nut cooker machine with good quality and low energy consumption.

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